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The Wiser

Understanding is more important than knowledge. I agree. This is why there are many people who may know you but they do not understand you. And there are many people who can fool you because you merely “know” them but you do not understand them; then you get disappointed once you come close and personal. Be wise and understand.

A starlet is seated next to a lawyer on a long flight. She craves her sleep, but he keeps waking her up. “Let’s play a trivia game,” he suggests. “If I answer wrong, I’ll pay you $50. If you answer wrong, you owe me $5.”

The starlet agrees, and the lawyer goes first. “What’s the distance between the earth and the moon?” The starlet hands the lawyer $5.

Now it’s her turn. “What goes up a mountain on three legs and comes down on four?” The lawyer is dumbstruck. He scans the internet, flips through his pocket encyclopedia, and texts every scientist he can find. No dice. Hours later, he wakes up the starlet, hands her $50, and asks, “So what’s the answer?” Without a word, she hands him $5 and goes back to sleep.

A wise man has great power, and a man of knowledge increases strength.” Proverbs 24:5

Source: The Wiser

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